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Australia turns against UN for Israel, but reaffirms Two-State Theory unlike US

Australia turns against UN for Israel as the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull wrote an article criticizing the unfavoured actions against Israel. This...

Plane crashes into shopping mall in Melbourne

Plane crashes into shopping mall in Melbourne, Australia killing all boarded, suspect media reports. The incident took place in the morning hours when a...

Dan Vickerman – Former Australian Rugby Played died at 37

Dan Vickerman, one of the most popular and one of the most versatile Rugby player has passed away at the age of 37. The...


Jab Harry Met Sejal – This Comparison will hurt Shah Rukh...

Jab Harry Met Seal has already crossed the first weekend and the Box Office collections are devastating. Well, we would not have said that...

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Indo Sino Trade

How China India Standoff can escalate Economic Relationship

China India Standoff is in no way closer to the solution. Both the country is...

Doklam Standoff – Why China is Acting like Fool by showing artificial aggression

Doklam Standoff has already crossed more than 50 days and the Chinese Media is not...

Satire: China claims Mars, shows ancient document

China claims Mars as part of the ancient Chinese history. The Foreign Ministry of China...

China is in Proxy War with the United States with the name of North Korea

Proxy War is not so common in today’s world but Chinese have always been backstabbers...

Crime Diary – What Really Happened during 9/11 Attacks

One of the most devastating attacks that have been made in recent years was the...



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