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Melbourne Family Murder

Melbourne Family Murder – Mother with 3 children killed with brutal injuries

A Melbourne family murder has shocked the neighborhood. In Burgees Street, Tullamarine, Melbourne, a mother, and her three children were brutally killed.
Ghost Boat-AFP

Ghost Boat – 690 Kilogram cocaine recovered in the Marshall Islands

A Ghost Boat appeared on the shore of a remote atoll. When the police found out the 18-feet long-abandoned boat, there was...

Great Barrier Reef – Health Status declined from Significant Concern to Critical

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia is now officially in critical condition. The health status has declined from Significant concern to critical,...


Dustin Diamond of Saved By the Bell dies at the age...

Dustin Diamond dies at the age of 44 of cancer. The US actor is known for his hit show, Saved by the...

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Anti Islamic Radicalism Bill

Anti-Islamic Radicalism Bill – France National Assembly approves the bill, what does it mean?

The Ant-Islamic Radicalism bill has now been approved by the MPs in the...
Humanitarian Crisis

Humanitarian Crisis – Which Got More Attention Humanitarian Crisis or PlayStation 5 Launch?

Humanitarian Crisis is now often missing the headlines. Media attention defines how the...
Trump Banned

Trump Banned – Is this the new precedence of the United States

Trump banned might be making headlines everywhere. Yes, the people who do not...
US Violence Debate

US Violence Debate – Capitol was violent but Antifa was not?

The US Violence debate has reached a point where people have started generalizing...

Shoplifting Family is treated with Christmas Dinner and Not Arrest

Policeman buys food for shoplifting family in the US. A policeman, Matt Lima,...



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