n a recent threatening video, the successor of slain terrorist Burhan Wani and current commander of Hizbul mujahideen, Zakir Bhat have asked the separatist leaders to admit that the struggle in Kashmir is not because of the Kashmiri’s want right to self-determination but it is the struggle to attain an Islamic State. In his video, Bhat has threatened Hurriyat leaders not to use slogans for political freedom but to accept the establishment of the caliphate.

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The video circulated on social media has a warning for the political leadership in Kashmir stating that the Hizbul commanders will kill the separatist leaders if they name the Kashmiri struggle as a freedom struggle. Zakir Bhat wants on to say that Kashmir will soon become the first Islamic Caliphate in South Asian region and people of the region would have to bow down to the Islamic laws mentioned in shariyat.

Bhat cautioned the separatists not to use the mosques for their political struggle as Islam do not recognize any political struggle. The 27-year-old Hizbul commander was originally from Tral district of Kashmir where Burhan Wani was killed by the security forces. Before taking up the arms and joining Hizbul mujahideen, Zakir bhat wanted to become an engineer.

Hurriyat leaders like Yasin Malik, Geelani and Mirwaiz have time and again denied reports of any Islamic uprising in Kashmir. But the new video circulated by Hizbul mujahideen clearly shows that the ongoing violence in Kashmir is not just a struggle for freedom but it is for the establishment of an Islamic caliphate in lines with the ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
Ministry of Defense have not commented on this matter yet but it remains to be seen that what India will do to stop the establishment of Islamic Caliphate in Kashmir.