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Helmand Bombed, Kabul, Web Desk:

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Helmand Bombed in Afghanistan after militants targeted the southern province for the blast, officially confirmed. According to Hindustan Times, Omar Zwak, the spokesperson of the Helmand Governor, the death toll is presently 13 in the blast that took place in Nawa, a district. The car bomb was triggered where Afghan Soldiers and civilians were gathered. The death toll contains both soldiers and civilians. The number of deaths could increase, as there has been no information on the wounded so far.

According to the reports received from the Hospital in Lashkar Gah, many injured were received. Three dead bodies were also received at the hospital. It is believed that the number could actually increase.

No group has claimed responsibility so far. However, the Taliban is the prime suspect in the blast. The Taliban controls large area in the Helmand Province. Nawa was recently recaptured by the Afghan army and the militants are constantly targeting the Southern Province. A few days back, a suicide bomber killed at least 7 people in Lashkar Gah. The series of violence is targeted to shake the Government in Kabul so that the extreme Islamic rule is imposed on Afghanistan and Taliban regains control.

However, the presence of US Army has made their job tougher. If the reports and statistics are observed, then the militants have regained power since 2014, when the NATO army left Afghanistan after major offensive missions.

The change in the South Asia Policy by the current American President Donald Trump may create some more insecurity among the Taliban and other groups.