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Hayabusa 2 mission of Japan has sent a capsule to earth with rock samples. The samples are from beneath the surface of an asteroid.

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Yuichi Tsuda, the project manager of the Hayabusa 2 said that this is one of the rarest events in human history. This is just the second time that an untouched material from the asteroid has been brought back to the earth.

The Hayabusa probe is just the size of a refrigerator and was launched in December 2014. It landed on a diamond-shaped asteroid named Ryugu (dragon place) in Japanese. The asteroid is around 185 million miles away from the earth.

Japan’s National Aerospace and Space Agency, JAXA, confirmed that a 15-inch capsule was released about 136,701 miles above the Earth. It then took its planned descent into the Australian Outback, near Woomera, South Australia.

It looked like a fireball in the sky. The capsule has successfully landed. The mission lasted nearly 2 hours and officials traced the tiny capsule.

The JAXA said that the mission was perfect and successful. It also live streamed the event on Twitter and YouTube.