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Hallel Rabin spent 56 days in prison since August. The 19-year-old refused to serve the military in Israel. It is almost mandatory for the citizens to serve the army in Israel, with exceptions though. Many come up with lies and excuses, but not Hallel Rabin. She admitted she is a pacifist and was detained as expected.

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However, the military board has now decided that Rabin is a genuine pacifist and is not politically motivated. The 19-year-old is now free after the board decided not to increase her prison time. Refusal to serve the military automatically invokes prison time in Israel, until the consideration of the exemption is considered.

However, life isn’t the same for those who do not serve the military. It comes with a price of social status and jobs in the country.

Rabin accepted that everyone in the country grows up and knows they will become a soldier one day. Women are drafted for at least 24 months in the service and men for 32 months. Israeli Arabs and ultra-orthodox people are exempted from it.

Some claim they are studying in Jewish Theological Seminary, and few sight mental problems. Most of the time, those are fabricated to avoid service. However, Rabin chooses the difficult but the right path. She refused on the conscience related issue and stuck to it.

She has been bullied for her decision, but she has not let those impacted her, reported the Times of Israel.

In 2002, the Supreme Court of Israel ruled that exempting someone from service on pacifism is acceptable unless it is selective conscientious objection.

Irit Rabin, mother of Hallel Rabin was supportive of her decision and felt proud of how her daughter handled it. She called her superwoman. Expectedly enough, Irit had also served in the military.

Hallel has offered to volunteer in Civilian National Service to help disadvantaged children.