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Pakistan has finally agreed that Hafiz Saeed is a terrorist and is spreading terrorism in the name of the Jihad. The Pakistan Home Ministry gave this statements to the bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan that is hearing the plea against Hafeez Saeed who has been kept under the arrest.

Hafiz Saeed has long been on the free run in Pakistan and has openly threatened India. He is also the mastermind of the Mumbai Attack that killed at least 166 people. India has submitted multiple proofs against him, but the Government failed to do anything. He was kept under the house arrest for few days and then left him again.

Hafiz Saeed has been under detention for a few days now and he was further detained for 90 days. The questions came from the Lahore High Court which asked the Government for a reply to the allegations labeled by the Jamaat-Ud-Dawa Chief Saeed. Saeed said that he has been detained for raising his voice for Kashmiris. However, the Pakistan Government has now said that Saeed is a Terrorist.

Hafiz Saeed is known to have close contacts with the Army Officers. At a time when the Civilian Government is facing tough times with the Army establishments in Pakistan, this may again escalate things. Hafiz can be supported by the Army which has close links with the Anti-India terror activists. The pressure can be mounted on the Government to withdraw the case against him and that would be the time when the Puppet Government of Pakistan would be exposed again.