GST is ready to be rolled out in India and a new tax regime is set for the country at the stroke of midnight. The Government has appealed the opposition to attend the Parliament session for the same, but the opposition parties have refused. The major reason behind this is the Anti-Poor take of the GST bill. The Tax Reform has been highly praised by the Government but the oppositions like Congress, TMC, and Left Parties are not impressed and neither they are attending the Parliament tonight. A protest might be followed next.

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However, despite their protest and their cry over GST, one can say that the oppositions today are the most hypocrites in the country. Now, if you are confused what I am talking about then, a brief look at the history might help you since the Tax Reform came to discussion.


Congress has rejected the idea of the bill and said the country is yet to be ready for such reform and tax regime. When now Honourable President Pranab Mukherjee was the Finance Minister of India, the bill started getting the major form. P Chidambaram then took it forward. During UPA-II, this bill was quite ready. Now come to NDA Regime of Government, the Congress LeaderK M Mani was the head of the GST Panel from 2013 to 2015. There was enough room for discussions but Congress chooses the age old technique of opposing the decision of the Government.


TMC led by Mamata Banerjee is also against the Anti-Small Vendor Tax Reform. You know who took over K M Mani in the bill? It was Amit Mitra, a TMC Leader. Yes, he had his role in making this bill.


Ashim Dasgupta was the man who has headed the Tax Reform GST Bill for close to 11 years. He was the then Finance Minister of West Bengal under Jyoti Basu Government, a communist.

After all this, the cry for opposing the bill is not understandable. The opposition should have come forward and proposed the amendments to make it even stronger. The role of opposition should be constructive not destructive. Unfortunately, India has hardly got any constructive opposition. During the UPA II regime, even BJP was the same, try to attack the Government on anything and everything.
It is time to change before it is too late.