Greek Riot Police
Source: France 24

Greek Riot Police fired teargas at the migrant protestors at Lesbos Island. Thousands of asylum seekers are on roads after the biggest migrant camp in Europe, Moira Camp destroyed in a fire on Tuesday and Wednesday. Families are reportedly sleeping by doorways, roads, and under the blankets.

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Protestors came near a temporary camp built by the authorities. Hundreds of young men came to protest, reported France 24, and some threw stones at the riot police. In retaliation, Greek riot police fired teargas. Previously, a fire was also set near a police blockade.

The protestors believe that in the new temporary camp, they will be imprisoned and will not be allowed to leave. Close to 11000 people became homeless due to the Moira camp fire that gutted the refugee camp. The authorities blamed the migrants for the fire.

Moira Camp was often criticized by international bodies for overcrowding and improper sanitary conditions. The fire broke out shortly after 35 migrants were tested positive in the camp.

A new camp near the sea, a few kilometers away from Moira is being set up with 3000 capacity. Rapid tests for coronavirus are been arranged as well. The families will be given priority. The tents can have six members and will be divided by ethnicities, said Alexandros Ragavas, a spokesman for the migration ministry.

Greece has long complained that apart from providing funds, the EU partners have done little to migrant problems. The quota system, where other EU nations were to take asylum seekers, has failed to launch. The government from Poland and Hungary have refused to take asylum seekers.