Prison break
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Greatest prison escape sounds like a movie title or a television series. However, it is not a movie story, but a real prison escape in Indonesia. A Chinese national-facing death row reportedly escaped the prison through a self-dug tunnel.

Greatest prison escape
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The prisoner was detained in Tangerang Penitentiary in Banten. The jailbreak was confirmed by the warden Jumadi. The Inquirer reported that the Chinese national Cai Ji Fan escaped from the prison on Monday at around 2:30 AM through a sewer connected to the tunnel that he dug.

The warden said that they have conducted a thorough search after his escape. They believe that Cai Ji Fan dug a tunnel somewhere on the prison ground, and it went through the prison walls. He successfully managed to escape.

The prisoner was also known as Cai Changpan was declared guilty of drug trafficking. He was sentenced to death in 2017.

He was previously in Pemuda prison in Tangerang. But was recently transferred to the new jail Penitentiary.

The investigation has started to trace the man. Law and Human Rights ministry’s Corrections Directorate General has taken over the case, the warden informed and investigation has started.

Indonesia has a very strict rule for drug-related cases. The Chinese national used to smuggle the drug. This has raised concerns about jail safety in Indonesia. The jailbreak must have wakened up the authorities to review the situation as the investigation continues.