Government to monitor Social Media Activities pretty soon by the ministries and software designed for this purpose. As per the reports, all the digital content would be under scanner of Government of India. It has been said that Government is doing so to track down the negative comments and ideologies to counter. However, there has been no explanation that why the negative aspects has to be countered on digital media rather than the Parliament Sessions.

Government to monitor Social Media

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Next time anything is posted by The Asian Herald on Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media Platform should come under the scanner of the Government. However, things do not end here; even whatever is written on The Asian Herald should also be under the scanner. However, it is not only restricted to us, but to all the people across the country. The monitoring would be done to see the comments, interactions and opinions shared by individuals by the government. Even though it cannot be termed as Democratic but it is definitely something cooking up behind the scenes. As per the reports, it was earlier recommended by the National Security Council Secretariat or NSCS to the government and NMAC or National Media Center was proposed for monitoring the activities. It was recommended that content of Television, Facebook, Twitter, All other Social Sites, YouTube, Blogs, Newspapers; Media Events should be under the scanner. However, previously it was not entertained due to the large scale but now Government is pretty much interested to take that thing very seriously.

Government to monitor Social Media – What are to be monitored

Prime Minister Office has asked the respective ministries to report all the content that have put them in Negative Images. Yes that is very much undemocratic in nature. However, the most surprising fact is that no benchmarking has been set for so called Negative and Positive comment and opinion. The monitoring software has been designed by the Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, Assistant Professor of Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology . The tracking software will also give the analytics of the people who gave the negative comment and also the number of times that have been done in past. Narendra Modi Government may want to use the analysis to prepare something substantial.

Government to monitor Social Media – Justification

At a time, when millions of people sleep starving in India, incurring such a big cost to monitor people just to know the negative and positive views about the government does not look absolute necessity. There can be different measures taken to ensure that the views are heard as the monitoring can very easily lead to Cyber Crackdown and that can be hazardous for any democratic country.

There are few things that need clarity on the entire issue and that will keep coming back to the government. There will be huge time and cost invested on this but no safeguard has been declared as of now. Shall it be left to the Intelligence Agencies or a crackdown required to peep in to everything that citizens do on digital platform? Things are yet to be clarified but Government is gearing up for it in a massive scale.