The Automotive Industry was threatened by the entrance of Google few years back with the driver less car. However, so far the Google initiative did not bring any meaningful results for the customers. But the Tech Giant has decided to shift the gear in right direction and brought one of the most capable and veteran of the Automotive Industry on the driver less project. John Karfcik has held important positions in companies like Ford, Hyundai and True Car. The unmatched qualities, knowledge and networking of the veteran will give Google the much needed boost for the self driven car division. He has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Google Self Driven Car Division.

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Google Car is going through many challenges and that need to be addressed pretty soon. However, if the authorities are to be believed, Google has no plan of manufacturing the car in scale for the customers as of now. There are many stages to clear before it launches the project on road. However, with the cash reserve and reputation that Google have, there is no doubt that it possess a potential threat to the Automotive Industry.


Recently Google self-driven cars were spotted in many parts of the United States. However, according to Kara Berman, Spokesperson of Google, they are in the process of building a team to materialize the plan. The hiring of Karfcik was also a part of this. The automotive industry experts say that Google has the potential to change the dimension of the market. However, there is little chance that it will enter car manufacturing. It is expected that Google will market the self-driven software to the car manufacturers to install in their cars. Google has already displayed a trend with various manufacturers and dealers to test the cars autonomous driving capabilities. For example, Wichita Chevrolet Traverse may have gotten involved, Aston Martin and other luxury car brands have been named.

It is now no secret that Google is trying to enter the automotive market along with Apple. Apple has recently rumored to be working for making electric cars. On the other hand, Google has already failed to acquire the Tesla Motors.

There are lots of action coming from the Google Self Driven cars. The company has shown the positive intent toward the same. However, how much does this effort materialize that only time can tell. But hiring of John Karfcik is definitely a step toward the future.