Google News which is one of the most popular news aggregators in the world is down with Error 404. The news aggregator site which collects and displays the relevant and important news from all around the world is down. The Asian Herald verified and the Android and iPhone App for the same is working fine.

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It seems there is some problem and the web server is not responding the requests. The technical experts believe that there can be multiple reasons behind it. It can be geographical and location specific as well. There are chances that too many requests caused this. However, so far, no specific reason has been notified by the Google.

We have often seen that the social media sites to go down for several minutes. However, there are less instances when the Google News is down. It is expected that the server would get back to service within few minutes but so far it is not available for last 10 minutes. Interestingly, the Google News is not reachable through the Mobile Browser as well.

Millions of people switch to the Google News for the daily dose of News and would be wondering when the server would respond again. It is believed that technicians are working on the issue and the Google News would soon become live again. However, so far, no progress has been made.

Google News is up again!