Datta Phuge, the businessman with gold shirt has been allegedly beaten to death in front of his son. The shocking incident took place last night when the man famous as Gold Man was beaten to death. As per the reports, Datta Phuge and his son were invited for a birthday However, he was dragged out of his car and was beaten to death with stones. His son was spared by the attackers. It has been reported that there were 12 attackers present when the Gold Man was killed.

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Gold Man became famous when he was photographed in a 22 Carat Gold Shirt worth more than INR 1 Crore. That shirt even had Swarovski Crystals as buttons. It was the most expensive shirt of the world till date. The shirt weighed 3.5 KG and was crafted by 15 workmen. Pune based businessman turned politician was an active member of National Congress Party.

He was into Money Lending and Chit Fund business. However, he was recently accused of money bungling reported NDTV. The initial reason for his Datta phuge has been mentioned as the financial dispute between the partners. Four suspects have been held so far in the Datta Phuge murder charges. It has been reported that one of them is his nephew as well.

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