The relation between India and Pakistan has never been pleasing and comfortable. Violation of ceasefire and firing across LOC is common news on newspapers on the both side of the border. However, the cultural ties between the neighboring countries have remained strong even in worse days. The prominent reason for cultural exchange and ties is the cultural similarities of the two countries which were part of the same land 68 years ago. But the hardliners from both the side has tried to stop it to cease the minimal amount of exchange and hope. To add to the controversy, a concert of Ghulam Ali from Pakistan organized in Mumbai has been cancelled after Shiv Sena threatened the organizers for the show.

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Ghulam Ali Concert Cancelled

The Concert was meant for the tribute to Jagjit Singh who was considered the King of Ghazals. However, Shiv Sena who is also an ally of the BJP Government in Maharashtra has opposed to the decision. Shiv Sena expressed that as long as the soldiers are being killed in the bordered, no cultural ties should be entertained. However, many see the lesser relevance of the statement for the Ghulam Ali Concert. He is one of the finest Ghazal Singers and has sung many Indian songs in past. He also frequently visits India for the various concerts and recently sung in the famous Sankat Mochan in Varanasi. The organizers were believed to have a meeting with Sena Chief Udhav Thackrey and decided to cancel the show.

Ghulam Ali at Sankat Mochan Varanasi
Ghulam Ali at Sankat Mochan Varanasi


The ruling party of Maharashtra and ally of Shiv Sena, BJP has clearly distanced from the decision. Senior Leader Mukhtar Naqvi has pronounced Mr. Ali as a singer who should be seen beyond the boundaries. Chief Minister Devendra Fernandes said, “The Maharashtra government is ready to give full protection to the singer. It is wrong to involve Ghulam Ali in Indo-Pak politics.”

Indo-Pak Politics

The political tensions between the two countries have resulted in a pause of many cultural ties. The singers and actors from Pakistan often get criticized by the hardliners. The resume of the cricket ties between the two countries has also hit the deadlock and the tension between the countries is only growing.