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Germany Hate Crime has not gone unnoticed in the last year. The Gates of Germany were opened for the Refugees from the conflict area by the Chancellor Angela Markel. However, soon after this, there were reports of Hate Crime in Germany.

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It got fueled when reports surfaced that some of the refugees were also involved in the Terror Attacks in the different parts of Europe including Germany. The hatred among the Germans was clearly visible in 2016. There were marches against the refugees and even the particular religions. However, according to BBC, the Germany Hate Crime has scaled all the heights because of the Interior Ministry reports. Here is a look at the Hate Crimes reported in Germany in 2016.

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3,533 attacks on migrants and asylum hostels in 2016
2.545 attacks on individual migrants
560 people injured, including 43 children
988 attacks on housing (slightly fewer than in 2015)
217 attacks on refugee organisations and volunteers

Source – BBC

Overall, on average, Germany has seen at least 10 attacks on the migrants or the refugees on daily basis. This is a serious figure for a country that has openly backed the distressed people from adjoining areas. However, what is even more painful is that there are thousands of names pending in the immigration department.

Germany is going through a crucial phase. After Brexit, Germany is going to be the leader for the entire EU and would be the strongest country. However, Germany was the strongest economy in EU even now with the presence of UK in the group.