Germany Anti Terror Measures have finally come out but still have to be approved by the parliament. As per the latest development in Germany, Thomas de Maiziere, Interior Minister has expressed the laws to strip off the citizenship of those who enjoy dual citizenship but remain involved in terror or crime.

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This is going to be a huge change for the Germany Anti Terror Measures aftermath the terror attacks that rocked the country. However, Germany has rejected the idea of an outright ban on Burqa and the Dual Citizenship. These were also part of the discussions and suggestions for the anti-terror measures. However, Thomas de Maiziere said that one cannot ban everything that is disliked. Even though the suggestions are yet to be approved by the parliament but with all possible political equation, these will be adopted as Germany anti terror measures.

The impact will be huge in Germany for these laws. The rule would strip off a person from German citizenship when he or she is involved in terror activities in other countries and enjoy the citizenship of any other country as well. This would ease the deportation process of many from Germany and that can even make things strict to remain in Germany. The foreign nationals and the asylum seekers who become part of the terror movements may have to face the wrath of the system now.

But how far will it go? Will Germany be safe? The Interior Minister thinks that none can guarantee outright security but the new Germany Anti Terror Measures would help curb the terrorism and related activities in the country.

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