Gender Reveal Party
Source: BBC

Gender Reveal party horribly went wrong in the New Hampshire state in the United States. During a gender reveal party, an explosive was made out of chalk and Tannerite. When it was set off, people miles away felt the impact.

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The incident reported in the local newspapers said that no one was badly hurt due to the explosion. However, several properties have been damaged. There were cracks noticed at many buildings. The man who set off the explosive has handed himself over to the police.

The couple originally planned the celebration near a quarry. The party was planned there as the explosive was safe to be detonated there. However, the neighbors around the quarry felt a terrible impact. The blue or pink chalk powder was mixed with an explosive substance. The powder would have triggered the celebration. However, things went terribly wrong informed the Kingston Police.

The police are yet to file the charges against the man who turned himself for the explosion.

Gender Reveal Party has always been a topic of discussion, especially those which go over the top. In the past years, several such parties have caused casualties as well.

In February, this year, a soon-to-be father died because of an explosion. CNN reported that a Michigan man was killed in the celebratory cannon. In 2019, BBC reported a 56-year-old woman was killed by a shrapnel object from a homemade explosive used at such a party.

Last year, in September, the gender reveal celebration triggered a massive wildfire in South Carolina. Vast acres of woodland were destroyed and thousands had to flee home before the firefighters took control of the situation. The raging wildfire caused a huge loss for a week-long time.

Gender Reveal is a celebration, but people must ensure safety and precaution. A celebration must not cause trouble for others.