Gaurav Tiwari Life

Gaurav Tiwari Dies in mysterious conditions and many paranormal researchers have indicated the negative forces behind it. The conditions are mysterious and shocking as well.

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However, if you do not know the life of Gaurav Tiwari, a certified Paranormal Investigator, then you may be missing out the India’s own version of Conjuring. His life has been full of twists that non-believers say gimmick and the believers say, a real life ghost hunter.

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Gaurav Tiwari Dies – Early Life

Gaurav Tiwari started as an actor and was a not believer. He has acted in movies like Tango Charlie alongside Bollywood superstars Ajay Devgan. However, something happened to him during this time and he started believing in spirits and afterlife.

Life as a Paranormal Investigator

He was certified as Leading Paranormal Investigator, UFO Field Investigator, and Para Nexus as well. He has represented India and paranormal activities in Paranormal Radio Shows and worked as an Expert in many horror shows as well. He was part of many Haunted TV Series and was part of Haunting: Australia. He has worked as a Paranormal Expert in Zee Horror Show and Bhoot Aya was based on his research and investigation.

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He was an internationally acclaimed paranormal expert and was accredited for his work in countries like USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, UK and many others.

The expert of paranormal activities died in mysterious conditions but the best man to answer these activities is the victim this time. Gaurav Tiwari dies but his research would always enrich the paranormal investigation.

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