How Gaurav Tiwari died

How Gaurav Tiwari died? People are looking for an answer for the same. However, the Police have already declared the reason of death as a suicide. Police clearly spelled out how Gaurav Tiwari died.

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How Gaurav Tiwari Died

Gaurav Tiwari hanged himself from the iron rod in the bathroom with pieces of clothes confirmed police. It has been confirmed by the police that there is nothing mysterious and no paranormal activities involved in his death. It is a clear case of suicide. However, what really mysterious is the reason.

Why Gaurav Tiwari committed suicide

His father said that he was stressed out from work and he never opened up. However, the police are suspecting the same. As per the investigation so far, police have found out that he was happy with his work and even posted about the fact that he was featured in the Youth Incorporated Magazine. He even checked emails hours before his death. However, a special team is investigating more about the issue.

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However, what police really suspecting is the relationship between Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari and his newly wed wife. As per India Today, the relationship between the two wasn’t great. Gaurav stayed most of the nights outside for his work and even he was not earning enough as well. It has been reported that even parents of Gaurav weren’t happy about the Paranormal Investigator stuff.

Police indicated that the negative energy comments are just to make up the case and may be the Tiwari family is hiding something. Police have not ascertained any reason for Gaurav Tiwari’s death but suicide has been confirmed.

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