The Gau Rakshaks Horror is in no mood to stop in India and another tragic incident has been reported now from the Andhra Pradesh state. The incident took place in the Amlapuram District where two brothers belonging to the lower caste, typically called Dalits in India were thrashed.

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However, what outrageous was the way they were thrashed. The brothers were tied to a coconut tree, stripped and then beaten. The Police told they were skinning a cow after the cow died due to electrocution. The owner of the cow, a vegetable seller has also confirmed that the cow died due to electrocution and he hired the brothers to skin the cow after the death. However, as they were skinning, almost 100 cow vigilante members came and alleged that they stole and killed the animal. The Gau Rakshaks Horror was followed after that.

Both of them have been hospitalized and one is said to be in critical stage. The incident came days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a strong message to take on the cow vigilante groups. However, it seems that hardly anyone has paid attention to it. The Gau Rakshaks Horror is on the rise and the administration must take some stern actions immediately to prosecute those who take law in their hand.

Two of the members of the cow vigilante group have been identified and have been named. They are Gangadhar and Ramana. However, more details are yet to be surfaced.

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