Source: Indian Express

Gau Rakshaks who called themselves Honorary Animal Welfare Members were allegedly attacked by at least 50 people with sharp weapons. The incident has left at least 7 people injured. Police have already booked 30 people and an investigation has been launched. The incident took place after the Gau Rakshaks stopped a tempo with two oxen and a cow that was illegally taken to the slaughter house.

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Series of Events

Shivshankar Rajendra Swami of Pune, who is one of the leaders of the self-proclaimed Gau Rakhshaks and help the administration to crack down on illegal beef export and slaughtering were on vigil last night. The team along with the Police intercepted a tempo that had two oxen and a cow. It has been reported that the animals were taken to nearby slaughter house illegally.

However, soon after the rescue, the team of Gau Rakshaks went to a hotel at night to eat something. They saw a mob approaching them as per the reports and they went again to the Police Station to file a complaint. They came out of the police station at around 6 AM and then they were attacked again by the mob. The Police came to the rescue but seven people were injured before that. Two members including the driver of the tempo have been arrested for carrying cow illegally to the slaughter house as per the laws of Maharashtra.

The series of events are as per the media reports from Ahmednagar, Pune.

Cow Violence in India

The cow violence has reached the next level in India. There have been many reports where Gau Rakhshaks attacked the people who carry beef or take cows to the slaughter house. This has been widely condemned by many including the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and many others. The opposition has time and again blamed the ruling Government for the mess. However, the new trend has now started where the Gau Rakshaks are being targeted.

This is just the beginning of a Gang War where the Gau Rakshaks (Cow Protectors) and the Slaughter House people will come against each other. There are laws, there are forces and there is Government to control all the mess. It is important to stop this mess right away before it’s too late. If there is anything that has to be stopped at first, that is violence, and then we can debate whether the slaughter houses can run.