Gangrape Horror – Sisters abducted and gangraped for 6 days by 15 men

In a Gangrape horror, sisters, 15, and 17 were abducted by an evil mob of 15 men in Pakistan. The complaint filed by the mother of the victims said the sisters were kidnapped on September 11 by a group of 11 men.

The sisters were then taken to different locations for six days and brutally gangraped by the 15 men. However, the ordeal did not stop there. The men took photographs and videos of the vile abuse.

The Police quoted her saying,

“My daughters were taken to different locations for six days where they were gang-raped by the suspects… who intoxicated my daughters and took indecent photographs and recorded videos of them,” the Sun reported.

According to the police, one sister was dropped off at the Jhang Bazar area of Faisalabad. The other sister was dropped off in a different location.

The family said they can’t afford to have legal actions against the evil gang. No one has come forward to help them either. They tried changing cities, but the evil gang follows them and record the girls even there.

The gang has in fact assaulted the family while following them as well.

There has been no legal action taken as they cannot afford legal fees. The government has not come forward to help yet.

The cases of sexual abuse and gangrape have become very common in Pakistan. The Punjab province has seen an outrageous number of cases of vile sexual abuse and gangrapes. The Faridabad rape case yet again brings up the gangrape horror cases in Pakistan. A few days back, on the motor highway, a young mother with two children was assaulted, gangraped, and robbed, sparking a protest by the civil rights activists in Pakistan.