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Gal Gadot to play Cleopatra in the new movie. Patty Jenkins is at the helm of the project and she has finalized the ‘Wonder Woman’ to play the Woman who changed the history of Egypt.

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Interestingly, Patty Jenkins is also the director of the Wonder Woman which is still the highest grosser action movie ever directed by a woman.

Gal Gadot to play Cleopatra

Gadot confirmed the news and said on twitter,

‘I love embarking on new journeys, I love the excitement of new projects, the thrill of bringing new stories to life. Cleopatra is a story I wanted to tell for a very long time. ‘Can’t be more grateful about this A team!!’

Gal Gadot to play cleopatra

 As per the reports, the script is written by Laeta Kalogridis under Paramount Pictures and Patty would direct the movie. It is not yet confirmed who will play the legendary roles of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

Some of Gadots’ fans are excited to see her portraying yet another strong role. However, not everyone is happy.

 Many of the fans questioned the need of casting a white woman for the role. Historically, Cleopatra was from the Ptolemaic dynasty from Greek heritage. The fans believe that a woman with darker skin most preferably from Macedonian origin would have been a better fit.

Many of the fans pointed out that even in 2020, Hollywood cannot come out of white supremacy.

Ironically, the cult classic Cleopatra released in 1963, also featured a white actress, Elizabeth Taylor. However, she made the role immortal with her acting.

One cannot say, maybe Gal Gadot could do even better. However, there is no denying that Cleopatra was never a white woman as per the historical facts.

However, when it comes to movies and casting, many of the parameters are considered, not only the skin color. The director may be the best person to answer the questions of the fans.