G20 Summit – After foiling India’s bid for Nuclear Supplier Group last month, Now China wants India’s help in resolving the dispute of South China Sea. On August 12th, foreign affair minister of China, Wang Yi will meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to talk about upcoming G20 Summit.

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Yi wants Modi’s assurance that India will not speak against Chinese aggression in the South China Sea in G20 summit. Like ASEAN summit, China wants to downplay on the topic and does not want any discussion over the Hague Tribunal’s decision. China has already denied accepting the rulings of International tribunal over the South China Sea. Now, Chinese Premier is worried that their country might face a backlash from other countries on the international forum during the G20 summit. China is sure that countries like United States, Japan, European Union and Australia will raise the issue but China wants India to keep out of the discussion.

The international tribunal issued the rulings against Chinese occupation in the South China Sea. The ruling was delivered under the laws of United Nations Law of Seas. Last month, India has issued a diplomatic statement saying that the parties involved in the issued should respect the ruling and should ensure that the conventions are implemented with utmost sincerity. However, China was not satisfied with India’s stance on the issue.

Since last few months, the Sino-India relationship has not been very cordial. Firstly, China denied NSG membership to India. Later India became a member of Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) group. China is not a member of MTCR due to its bad reputation of proliferation. Now, China wants India to be on its side to strengthen its stance.

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