Funeral ad

Funeral ads for coronavirus patients shocked the residents of Osaka, Japan to the core. The residents received a package of horror in an envelope.

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The residents who have tested positive for COVID19 are advised to self-quarantine themselves after discussing with the doctor. The doctors generally let them know that they would receive a package or envelope containing instructions for the self-isolation period. The package generally takes a few days to reach and contains instructions. However, the backside of the envelope has an ad that can mentally disturb anyone at the time of the pandemic.

Yes, funeral ads for coronavirus patients. Well, not completely intentional, but the envelope has an ad that says in bold,

“Osaka Municipal Funeral Hall – For questions about funeral services, call Koekisha CO., Ltd.,”

The company talks about pricing, free consultation, and options for the funeral services. However, if a person is suffering from a disease that has killed more than millions of people in the world, receive this, well it’s horrifying. Some could take it as a warning as well. Just like a warning message on tobacco products.

Residents are not very happy with this. One of the residents said Soranews 24,

“All my energy drained away. and I felt so hopeless. It was like my very existence was being denied, and every time I think about it, I start to cry. This kind of carelessness can be a source of psychological distress for people who are infected.”

It is neither misguided nor intimidating. In 2006, as part of the fundraising initiative, the ad space on the back was used. It is just unfortunate that a funeral ad has appeared on the envelope of the Osaka Health Ward. It is said that only available envelopes were used without understanding the consequences.

The health officials are now in the process of obtaining envelopes without the funeral ads for the coronavirus patients.