Freedom 251 Delivery should be available on June 30, claims the Noida based company Ringing Bells. The company came into news when they announced Freedom 251, world’s cheapest phone for ₹251 less than $4. However, soon it ran into controversies. It was alleged that the company is promoting a Scam and would never deliver the phones. On the other hand, it was also alleged that the company is using a phone that is made Chinese Manufacturer Adcom.

Freedom 251 Promises

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Ringing Bells said that they would deliver 25 Lakhs handset by June 30. However, as the registration was opened, it received 7 Crores of registration and the system got crashed. After the controversies of scams , Ringing Bells went silent. The CEO Mohit Goel said that they have received support of Government and pushing the case of digital India and Make in India. They even launched the phone in presence of veteran BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi. However, government has already squashed their claims.

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Freedom 251 Delivery

Ringing Bells has now claimed that they are ready with the first set of consignment and it is 2 Lakhs devices. The company said that they have learnt from their mistakes and would open registration only when the devices are ready. The company said that they have built the devices in Haridwar manufacturing unit.

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It will be interesting to see whether the company gives Freedom 251 delivery on time and if it succeeds then it will be a game changer for Smartphone market in India.