Four Reasons why Sonika Singh death case was neglected by authorities

Sonika Singh death shocked the Kolkata Film feternity. Her last rights were headlines of the local newspapers and all of a sudden she was so valued after her death that she was never before when alive. But what really happening in this case is a blunt negligence or Nexus may be. The Sonika Singh Chauhan death doesn’t seem to be a normal death any more. However, the Police and the administration is in no mood to accept that. Here are things that make this case quite doubtful.

1. Vikram Chatterjee who was on the wheel when the Corolla toppled was released from the hospital despite having injuries. He later admitted himself with lawyers all around for treatment as per Indian today. Isn’t that something very unusual.

2. An eyewitness recently told the Times Now without revealing his identity that Vikram Chatterjee was drunk. He said he was mixing his drinks and he cannot deny the it. However, he is denying it.

3. Recently, a famous folk singer Kalikaprasad died in Kolkata as his vehicle was rammed in an accident. His driver is behind the bars. Well, he is not from an influential family perhaps.

4. No test was carried out to verify whether Sonika Singh Chauhan and Vikram Chatterjee were under the influence of alcohol on that night. It seems that everyone was very sure.

Sonika’s mother recently wrote a post in Facebook and said that her daughter died due to negligence. Well, she hasn’t said something bad, but it is true that she may soon get threats for raising issues that may tarnish the image of the Government or the authorities.

Doesn’t matter whether there is a probe on Sonika Singh death but with all possibilities it can be said that many dots are missing from the case.