Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers in women in the world. Clinically it is one of the most dangerous cancers of all. There are various factors involved in the cancer but no conclusion can be drawn as the cause of the cancer. Medical Science has made significant progress in recent times and treatment is available for Breast Cancer. The cases of survivors are also on the surge if detected at an early stage. However, as it is said, the Prevention is better than cure, it is better to take safeguard for Breast Cancer rather than curing it.

How to prevent Breast Cancer

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One hardly has any idea about that the food habit has lot impact on the breast cancer. The scientists have made lot of research to name some of the food that has the capability to fight against the breast cancer. So, here are the best food that prevent Breast Cancer.

Food that prevent Breast Cancer

There are many food that are in the list. But the following are known for the best effect on the breast cancer.


It has been noticed that the women who consume Spinach actually have 40% lower cancer risk than others. The experts say that the spinach has the capability to remove free radicals from the body. The free radicals can damage the body by considerable amount and is also considered as one of the known reasons for the Breast Cancer. So, try some spinach in your daily diet from now on.



This is one of the most popular and common food. The Broccoli has an interesting compound called Sulforaphane. This has immense impact on the health. It is known to reduce the breast cancer stem cells and that in turn prevent the breast cancer. It is better to get some Broccoli to eat and reduce the chance of the breast cancer.



It is favorite food for many women. However, it does not matter whether you like it but it is one of the best food that prevent Breast Cancer. The best result of Mushroom can be seen for premenopausal women. It has enriched amount of antioxidants named L ergothioneine. It has been noticed that it has the power of cancer protection. So, keep your menu open and make Mushroom a frequent dish in your lunch.

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Turmeric has many health benefits and it helps to prevent the breast cancer as well. It has a compound called Curcumin, in high amount. The compound stops the stem cells to spread in the body and stops any cancerous cell to spread. It also has strong anticancer effect as well. Turmeric is frequently used in food in many cuisines. Turmeric in food and turmeric pills or other variants are also used by health and fitness fanatics to benefit from the many health properties it can provide, such as helping with body fatigue and muscle loss and even helping with mental clarity day to day. If you do not use turmeric then it may be the time to rethink. You can also look at making your own turmeric capsules by using vegetarian capsules 00 from Capsules Supplies to make them, so you know you’re getting the right amount.



You obviously like the delicious taste of the Pomegranate. But the health benefits of it are even more astonishing. It is one of the best anti cancer food available. It works great for all the Estrogen dependent cancers. Scientists say that it has ellagic acid in abundance. This is basically an antioxidant that inhibit enzyme in the body. It has the ability to stop breast cancer development in the body. So, make sure to eat some Pomegranate frequently to prevent the Breast Cancer.

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