Flood reaches Leshan Buddha Statue – Water Keeps Rising in China

China has been witnessing one of the worst floods. Now, the water level has reached the Leshan Buddha statue. One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Sichuan province of China is a UNESCO Heritage Site. The statue is believed to have carved out of rock in the eighth century AD.

Leshan Budhha Statue
Source: Getty Images (Before Flood)
Leshan Budhha Statue
Source: Reuters (After Flood)

There is a popular saying in the local population as per the Xinhua State News Agency that if the water touches the Buddha’s feet then entire Leshan will be flooded. Well, logically, the statue is about the waterline. However, heavy rains in China have made things worse.

Leshan Budhha Statue
Source: Getty Images

The beautiful site on the banks of the Yangtze River and Three Gorges attracts huge tourists. People cruise in the nearby river to look at the archaeological wonder. But things are different this year. China is facing the worst flood in 70 years and the Leshan Buddha statue is not spared as well. As per the local media agencies at least 180 tourists were rescued from the site after the water level rose.

Leshan Budhha Statue
Source: Getty Images (Rescue Work)

In fact, the Sichuan province has pressed the highest level of emergency after rains lashed out in the region. The plight does not seem to be ending soon as the rain has continued to lash out in different parts of China.

The flood alerts have been raised for multiple rivers in China, Yangtze, Yellow, Hai, Songhua, and Liao rivers. Possible landslides warnings have also been pressed by the authorities.

Chongqing City
Source: Getty Images (Flooded Chongqing City)

However, the danger of the Leshan Buddha Statue does not end here. Local authorities say that a huge amount of water is accumulated behind the Three Gorges dam, one of the biggest in the world. This could in fact trigger severe flooding upstream, warned the Ministry of Water Resources in China.