Source: PA

The First Migrant Camp of the UK will open now in Folkestone. The decision was taken after a surge in channel crossing. The authorities will convert the Napier Army Barrack into a camp that can host 400 people who are waiting for asylum, reported Daily Star.

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The decision came after a huge surge in channel crossing was overserved. People took the route ignoring rough weather to enter into the UK. The much calmer sea for the last few days in fact helped the migrants to cross over to the UK.

The UK authorities previously ensured surveillance to ensure that migrants do not use the route. In fact, Priti Patel, Home Secretary said that they would ensure that this route becomes not -viable.

But nothing worked really. Migrants continue to cross the English channel to enter the UK. In fact, the authorities raised questions on the motive of entering into the UK. They said that the migrants are crossing over from France which is a safe country. They could actually seek asylum in France.

However, it seems, the authorities have now decided to go ahead and provide asylum to the migrants.

Napier Army Barrack would be the first migrant camp of the UK.

This starts a new strategy to handle the migrant crisis in Europe. Earlier, it was reported that Germany has agreed to take 400 refugees from Greece. This came after the migrants’ crisis in Greece went of out hand after one of the camps got burnt down.