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Feluda, a famous Indian fictional detective is known for his intellect and observation. Indian scientists have named the new paper-based COVID19 Test as Feluda. The new test kit can return results within one hour and would cost around INR 500 or $6.75.

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It will be made by Tata Conglomerate and would be the first-ever paper-based COVID19 test kit. The tool is simple, precise, reliable, and scalable.

Researchers at the IGIB, Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB) tested the samples on more than 2000 patients. This was tested also in the private labs.

The test had 96% sensitivity and 98% specificity. The sensitivity will detect almost everyone who has the disease. The high specificity will rule out almost everyone who does not have the disease, reported BBC India.

The test kit would also ensure that there are not many false positives or negatives. The sample taking is quite similar to a PCR swab test for the new paper-based COVID19.  However, it works just like a pregnancy test.

India has 1200 laboratories across the country and conducting 100,000 tests per day. India is conducting swab tests and antigen tests. However, the new COVID19 test however can make things very easy as well.

The PCR test costs around 2400 INR. The PCR swab test has high accuracy and is time-tested.

It is understood that Feluda will replace the Antigen test for more precise results.

India has the second-highest number of COVID19 impacted patients in the world after the US. The causality from COVID19 has crossed 100,000 in India.

The test kit is already cleared by the authorities and Tata is manufacturing it.