Granville Ritchie
Source: The Mirror

The cold-blooded rapist murdered of Felecia Williams Rape and Murder case in Florida was sentenced to death by the court. Granville Ritchie, 41 were charged under multiple sections of first-degree murder, sexual battery, and aggravated child abuse in September 2019. Felecia Williams was a 9-year-old girl whom he brutally assaulted and then killed.

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The lawyer asked for leniency on the consideration of abusive and violent childhood and lack of criminal history. However, the jury reached a unanimous decision.

Felecia Demerson, mother of Felecia Williams said that she waited for 2310 days for the day to come. She was carrying a blanket with her daughter’s picture in it. Shakeila Givens, the older sister said that she meant the world to them and Ritchie discarded her like nothing. Jerome Williams, her dad, however, told that he forgives him for what he has done.

After handing the decision, the judge said,

“If you do ever pray to a higher power, either now or at some point before the date of your death is scheduled to occur, and you truly seek forgiveness, and redemption for the sins and the crimes you have committed, I hope that you are granted it.

“May God have mercy on your soul, Mr. Ritchie.”

Felecia Williams
Source: The Mirror

Ritchie was dating Ebony Wiley in May 2014. Wiley was a neighbor of Felecia Williams. Wiley took Felecia to Ritchie’s flat on a fateful day and left her alone with him to but marijuana. The girl was gone by the time she came back. However, Wiley told that Ritchie informed Felecia went to a CVS shop to buy some candy. However, she was nowhere to be found.

The Felecia Williams Rape and Murder case came to light when her decomposed body was discovered in Courtney Campbell Causeway in Florida.

Wiley changed her statement after her body was found. She has also been charged for lying to Police and will face trial next month.

Felecia’s body was disposed of in a suitcase after strangulating her. The girl was found naked and severally battered by rocks in the mangroves of Tampa Bay harbor.