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Federal unemployment aid which is helping people across the country in the time of the pandemic may soon get some restriction. Jim Banks has introduced a bill to block convicted rioters from receiving the aid.

Why the Bill
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He said that thugs are making the communities suffer, disrupting peaceful protests. Looting, vandalism, violence, torching vehicles and city have become common in the country. He mentioned that the rioters turned Milwaukee, Seattle, and Portland into warzones. The rioters are moving chaos to Kenosha. He said that the taxpayer’s money is being wasted upon the jobless rioters. Banks said that the funding needs to be stopped and they need to feel the financial consequences of their actions.

Support Peaceful Protest Act

Jim Banks introduced Support Peaceful Protest Act last week. It also states that convicted rioters would be financially accountable for the cost of federal policing during the protests. This literally means convicted rioters need to pay for the cost of law enforcement and manpower.

Riots have spread across the country after the death of George Floyd. The movement started as the peaceful protest of Black Lives Matter. However, soon the central stage was taken by the violent actors. Looting, ransacking, assault, rape, homicide, robbery, and all other violent crimes have seen an upsurge since then. The rate is higher in those places where the protests are taking place.

In Kenosha, after shooting of Jacob Blake, protests started and soon after turned violent. The elements of society have hijacked the peaceful protests and now making everyone pay. Experts believe that many were waiting for this to happen to use democracy to use against America.

There have been clashes in the Portland last night, two people died in Kenosha as well. The riots have taken the center stage as protests turned violent. The new bill is to deter people and cut funding for them.

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