Source: Mirror

A fatal affair took the life of nurse Claire Parry in a Dorset car part on May 9.

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The 41-year-old defendant was a police officer. He attacked Parry, mother of two after she texted his wife about the decade long affair.

Both of them had an affair for over 10 years. However, one fine day, Claire decided to reveal the affair to the wife of the defendant, Timothy Brehmer.

In the police body-worn video, Timothy was seen sobbing and said, “I have been having an affair for years, she was going to tell my wife, I am afraid I am going to lose my boy, so I met her here. She told my wife, I don’t remember the rest.”

The paramedics said that they tried reviving the nurse who was strangled. The team tried reviving her and got her back. However, she died the next day in the hospital. Her neck was outside the car while her body was inside in the Citroen car of Brehmer. Claire Parry had blue lips that obviously indicated she was not breathing.

The nurse had a red band mark across her neck. The reason of death was brain injury due to pressure at the neck, Mirror reported.

Brehmer said he can’t remember what happened. He denied the charges of murder but pleaded guilty to the manslaughter charges.

The trial is still on.