farmers vandalizing telecom towers
Source" Tribune India

The farmers protest has made things worse for Punjab residents in India. On the one side, farmers from Punjab are sitting in Delhi to block access to the National Capital and on the other side in their home state, they are vandalizing.

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The farmers have so far vandalized 1411 telecom towers in the state. The telecom signals are disrupted. Captain Amrinder Singh, Punjab CM appealed to the protestors not to damage the properties, but it fell on deaf ears.

The protesting farmers have created the impression that after the farm bills are implemented, industrialists Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani would be benefitted. Currently, Reliance Industries, do not buy foodgrains. However, this has been told by the opposition parties that the government has done this for the industrialists.

In order to vent the anger, the protestors have started vandalizing the Jio towers of Reliance. The telecom company has said that in the lack of support of law enforcement agencies, they are unable to keep up the service.

Even after the repeated appeal of the CM who is from Congress and supporting the farmers in agitation, the vandalization continued. Tribune India reported that in the last 48 hours, 176 telecom towers were vandalized and damaged in the name of farmers protest.

The farm bills were passed in both the houses of the parliament. The farmers from Punjab and Haryana states have started protesting against it. The protest is quite confined within the two states.

Even though the government has assured of some amendments, but the protesters want complete repeal. The government told that the bill is to look for the future and has been reformed for the sake of the farmers.

India has almost 85% of contract farmers. These farmers are generally working in the fields of others. The participation of these farmers in these protests isn’t indulging.

The protests seem to have transferred to the anti-social elements who destroy properties and resort to vandalism and thus reduce the very essence of the democratic protest.