Farmer rape and killing

Farmer Rape and Killing crimes are not stopping in South Africa. In the horrific killings, the farmers are tortured, raped, and stung on the poles for everyone to see.

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Farm Manager, Chantel Kershaw, 44, was loading her truck when two men ambushed and assaulted her. They held her down and even assaulted her 65-year-old mother before looting her firm. They were caught by locals as they tried to flee.

Chantel Kershaw
Chantel Kershaw Source:

In another case, the firm manager, Brendin Horner, 21, was attacked and brutally tortured before stabbing to death. He was stung on the pole in Free State province.

Brendin Horner
Brendin Horner Source:

In another horrific case, Paul da Cruz, his wife, and four children were attacked. The robbers threatened to rape the wife and children if resisted.

There are some arrests made, but the brutal attacks on the farmers in South Africa continued. The activists say that these are not the only attack but sending a message to the people. They are attacking the farmers and killing them in a brutal way in a war against food production.

Farmer rape and killing has become so common that people are agitating against now. The execution of the crime is so horrific that it cannot be labeled as a simple crime. Many of them say it is an organized war against food production.

Most of the farmers belong to the minority White ethnicity. AfriForum spokesperson, Marius Muller, who is a vocal civil rights activist for minority groups in South Africa called for police protection of the farmers.

Pressure Group Agri SA said that when a farmer is killed on a farm, that land remains abandoned for at least five years.

The violent attacks have an evil intention. reported that on average 75 farmers are killed in a year in South Africa against 60 people per day murdered. However, the farmers are generally brutally tortured before getting killed. The female members of the family are raped in front of the victims before getting killed.