Fan Box Office Collection has not only shocked the fans but also the movie experts. Fan was released with huge promotions and the brand name of King Khan. Shah Rukh Khan was seen in a different role after long time and people looked crazy about it. He gave his all to Manish Sharma and the young director made a good movie. However, the Fan Box Office Collection do not look impressive at this point of time. There are few reasons that have crashed Fan and the hopes of a Blockbuster. People thought that it may break into Top 5 but at this moment it is even struggling to enter the 100 Crores Club. Well, that sounds disappointing and equally astonishing. But what made Fan an unexpected disaster. Well, on paper it can be an Average or Hit Movie, but when it comes to Khans’, it is a disaster.

Fan Box Office Collection – Here is why it failed

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There are to three reasons for the failure of the movie. It has perfect star cast, great content, super promotions, name and brand. But then what went wrong with Fan?

The Jungle Book Hurricane

Yes, this is the most promising reasons. The Jungle Book is still going Houseful in the Multiplexes whereas Fan is all but out. Single screens and the B Tier cities gave Fan good boost but that was not enough to defend The Jungle Book. The movie is not only breaking records but wining the hearts of the people.


The secret behind the success of a movie is the series of events in a movie. Many times, people do not get all the clues in the movie or just enjoy the drama. The anticipation of what next makes people watch a movie multiple times in India. Bahubali, the Beginning can be a great example where people enjoyed every bit of the drama and went for the movie again and again just to enjoy it and put their mind on the dilemma that “Why did Katappa Killed Bahubali” ? But, Fan is too predictable and people can clearly get an idea about the movie even before entering the theater. There is a huge percentage of SRK Fans who actually watched the movie single time and that can hurt the business a lot.

Word of Mouth

To be honest, Fan has strong word of mouth on the very first of the week. However, till the second week, it got dried up. A Movie like Piku went ahead in Box Office with the power of Word of Mouth but Fan Box Office Collection did not have the same impact as well.

As on April 22, Fan has grossed INR 71.50 Crores in India and The Jungle Book has grossed INR 126.31 Crores in India only.