Facebook Fake News has gained huge negative popularity in last few days. The US Presidential Elections raised many questions on the credibility and responsibility of the Facebook News. Even though Facebook has no relationship with the fake news but the world wants it to take responsibility and measures. The Germany elections are on the head, the Chancellor Angela Markel does not want any interference. After the claims of Russian interference in the US Elections, the Germany has got similar threats and the country is in no mood of accepting that. Facebook Fake News Filter has thus rolled out in the country and here is how it will act.

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How Facebook Fake News Filter works

Facebook Fake News Filter gets activated when any news gets reported as Fake by the users. The stories go to the “Correctiv”, a non-profit News Organization in Berlin. The News Organization verifies the claim and if the story comes out as fake then make the newsfeed as Disputed. So, the newsfeed remains available in the Facebook but with a notice of Disputed. Facebook also shows a warning message when someone wants to share the same. The disputed stories also appear at the last in the Facebook News Feed.

It would be difficult to comment how successful would become the Facebook Fake News Filter, but the attempt is praiseworthy. There were voices that said that the Facebook must be declared as Media Agency and the responsibility of the content must be thrown on it. However, these preventive actions may prevent Facebook from further unwanted issues.

The US based Social Media Company wants to partner with more media companies in the Germany as well. The company also plans to roll out the filter in different other parts of the world. It was first experimented in the US.

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