F16 Fighters planes will be made in India by Lockheed Martin and Tata in collaboration. This is a major boost to the Indian Defence industry. As decided earlier, the Indian Government insisted that the companies can produce fighter jet planes along with the Indian companies as part of the Make in India push. Lockheed Martin showed interest and it has been reported that the deal has been inked on the side of the Paris Air Show.

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It is believed that 200-250 F16 fighter planes will be made for the Indian Air Force before it takes a grand form. There are chances that Indian Defence Industry would grow. There are companies from Sweden, Saab to be precise is also interested. There are reports that Saab may soon ink the deal as well. This could be a major boost to the Indian Air Force as well as the economy of the country.

PM Narendra Modi is expected to visit the United States on June 25 and 26. However, the deal has been inked before that. It was expected that the deal would get some lights during the PM visit. However, the industrialists have already made their minds.

India has shown the interest of building a domestic airbase and reduce the amount of import. Apart from Lockheed Martin, Saab from Sweden also showed interest to build an ambiance for the defence industry in India. It will be interesting to see the future growth of the defence industry as the saga begins.

It may take some time to build the environment for the industry; however, the authorities are hopeful that it should not take huge time.