Hackathon or EVM Challenge, the AAP has lost all its credibility in the Indian Politics. The Election Commission came with an open challenge for hacking EVM after complaints of Aam Aadmi Party, Congress and many other opposition parties. However, when the open challenge was thrown, the AAP said the EC is not abiding by its promise of Hackathon and they would not participate. Well, by saying that they have just ended up all the credibility in Indian politics.

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The AAP and Congress said that they should be given access to Motherboard of the device as part of the EVM Challenge. However, someone should tell Mr. Arvind Kejriwal that access to the motherboard is like replacing an EVM machine. The entire cry for EVM fraud has put AAP in a miserable position. No one would have thought that Aam Aadmi Party would come to this position after the mammoth win in Delhi in 2015. However, in the last 2 years, the party has lost its credibility to become a political alternative.

AAP has made many allegations against the EC but has failed to make a point all the time. The party told that EVM has ensured that BJP wins elections, but when the challenge was thrown, the party did not enlist the name. Congress has also opted out of the same. This has once again put the parties into the bad light.

AAP has a good amount of time before the next Delhi Elections, and it must learn its lessons, else it will lose everything it has till now.