European Union to ban UK Citizens – EU may shut doors on British after German proposal

European Union to ban UK Citizens from entering the countries. It may also go ahead and cut all passenger transport links with Britain as well. This could happen if the EU acts on a strong German proposal.

The EU member nations are however free to impose a temporary ban on entry and transporting passengers from non-EU countries with virus variant areas.

The decision becomes even more crucial after the Brexit.

There have been temporary bans on UK citizens and on transportation in various EU countries. France, Belgium, Germany, and others have put forwarded such temporary bans.

The COVID strain of the UK and the uncontrollable COVID spread can actually make the EU consider the proposal as well. Many experts believe that it could be just a decision to stop the COVID strain to spread in the EU. The new COVID strain is far more contagious than the original one.

The entire world is still struggling with the fast spread coronavirus that has impacted millions of lives the entire world.