The last second equalizer from V. Berezutski has ensured that Russia and England shares point for the Group B Match. England has failed to break a record with this match at 90+2 minute when V. Berezutski headed the ball for the net from the corner. England has not won a single opening match in UEFA European Championship so far and this was an idle chance for them. However, the brilliance from Russia at the last second has left England high and dry.

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It is not a goal less draw for EngvRus match in Euro 2016. This is the most important match of the day and English team is not in mood to let go the opportunity. The scorer from Dier at the 73rd minute has re-invoked life in the match. Russia is desperate for an equalizer and so is England to strengthen the lead. However, England has played better football and has mostly constrained the possession with them.

However, the game changed when Russia maintained the nerves even at the last minute. It is said that a game of football can change at any point and the same happened with England and Russia. The team will share the points now. England has played better football and the Russians have played clever football. The result could have been different if English team looked more defensive at the last minutes to defend the 1-0 lead.


England skipper was taken off from the field. Rooney has not scored even today and he has been replaced with Wilshere. The skipper was really impressing at the mid field and his presence could have changed few things.

EngvRus Full Score Score

England – 1

Russia – 1

Dier 73’  V. Berezutski -90+2′