AUTHUN match gave the thrilling of football and class of Euro 2016. Hungary was all over the match and finished with 2-0 as Austria could not found an answer to the attack of Hungary. But Austria fought well on the ground but nothing worked for them. The majority of the shots were either off the target or saved. But few things went against Austria.

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Source: UEFA

AUTHUN match was all about organized football and Hungary did that perfectly. The possession of the ball was almost 50% but still Hungary managed to skip through to score two vital goals. Yes, the first half was more exciting, even though it remained goalless. But in the second half, Hungary managed to score a goal in the 62nd minute by Szalai. The Austrian team looked pale after the goal. But before even they could score the equalizer, Stieber pushed through another goal at the 87th minute with an excellent counter attack. He just looped the ball over the head of goalkeeper Almer and that sealed the match. However, Austria came very close to scoring two goals in the last 3 minutes of the match but both Schöpf and Arnautović failed after creating wonderful opportunity.

Source: UEFA

Austria lost the match and vital 3 points with disbelief and disappointment. However, they can make a comeback in Euro 2016 and can work on the organized football.

AUSHUN Full Time Score

Austria – 0

Hungary – 2

Szalai 62’
Stieber 87’