Source: Fox News

Erica Kious was almost in tears during a news conference on zoom. For the uninitiated, Erica is the owner of the eSaloon where Nancy Pelosi went unmasked for her hair cut. She is now forced to shut down and relocate her business due to outrage and threats. Kious is a single mother of two, said Amy Tarkanian, former Nevada Republican Party Chairperson.

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Wife of Danny Tarkanian, Amy, has set the Go Fund Me Page for Erica Kious. The page has received $128000 of the $300000 goal.

Nancy Pelosi visited the eSaloon despite the California guidelines said that it should be closed. Pelosi was inside the saloon and unmasked. The video went viral and Republicans targeted her for floating the pandemic norms. The White House Press Secretary also targeted her for missing the Congress and holding up the COVID fund and floating rules at San Francisco.

Pelosi later claimed that she was framed by Erica.

However, teary-eyed Erica Kious has denied that. But the mother of two now needs to move to a new location by shutting down her business. The small and local businesses are already facing huge losses due to the pandemic. The shutting down business would impact Erica financially.

However, Amy Tarkanian said that the money received from the Go Fund Me Page would directly go to Erica. She can pay off the debts from the business that she is forced to shut down now. The fund would also assist her in relocating and reopening new business.

President Donald Trump targeted Pelosi in his tweets and called her ‘Crazy Nancy’. The House Speaker has constantly claimed that she was set up, something that people are refusing to believe.