English Channel
Source: Sky News

English Channel has remained one of the most favorite routes for the migrants to come to the UK. This is happening despite the Home Secretary Priti Patel said that this route would be unviable for the migrants to use. Migrants continue to use the channel to cross to the UK from France. Both the countries have strengthened the measures to put surveillance in the channel.

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As per the Sky News, this year alone, 6100 migrants have crossed the channel so far. People are not hesitant to risk their lives and enter into the UK. Small boats and non-ship-worthy vehicles are used in the water to cross the channel, increasing the risk.

Last Friday, 319 people cross the channel in 27 small boats, as per the reports. Some reports suggest that few of the migrants were taken to the Port of Dover to the immigration office as well.

The surge is believed to for the calm weather in the English channel these days. The number has significantly increased as the weather improved.

The Clandestine Channel Threat Commander, Dan O’Mahoney even went out with the border officers to deal with the boats. He has previously met the French counterpart to deal with the situation. The channel is generally used by the criminals, but migrants are now risking their lives to enter the UK.

As Priti Patel suggested the UK authority is working with French counterparts to make this route unviable for the migrants to use. Dan said that the migrants are leaving France which is a safe country. He further said that the migrants must seek refuge and asylum in France rather than taking unnecessary risks to enter the UK.