Emmanuel Macron wins French Presidency Election by defeating the far right candidate Marine Le Pen. The Centralist leader took a huge lead of 65.1% to that of the 34.9% of the Le Pen. The supports of him have gathered with the French Flag to celebrate his victory.

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It was quite expected but the world thought Marine Le Pen could become the Donald Trump of France but she fell short in the historic poll. However, her result is equally astonishing and she has pulled over 11 million voters that are highest for any Far right candidate in the history of France. She has even defeated her father who ran in the Presidency Election in 2002.

Emmanuel Macron has said that his victory would pave way for a better tomorrow in France. He takes the power on the next Sunday to become the youngest President ever in the history of France. His ideology has attracted the voters with neither extreme left nor right. He is a Pro-EU leader who believes in the open market. He would have many challenges though in coming times.

Here are the most crucial three challenges that Emmanuel Macron has to face in the office.


Yes, France cannot deny it that it has seen extremism increasing and has been the center of many terrorist attacks. There have to be some ways to tackle the situation if not banning particular people or race.


The unemployment in France has been an issue since long. He has shown his backing towards the free trade and open market with the world during the campaign. The voters of France would believe that the former Economy Minister would be able to come up with something special as President of France.


For a President in France, it is important to get the control in the parliament with the majority. The election would be held next week and it will be important for him to name the Parliament as well.