Emmanuel Macron v Marine Le Pen could become the topic of discussion for the world. The Presidential Election in the France has huge significance in the European Union and that may ensure another trend in the world. Emmanuel Macron should face the runoff against the Marine Le Pen in a couple of weeks. The popularity of the Macron is huge in France but the Le Pen cannot be written off just like. She can become the “Donald Trump” of France with her far right ideologies. She has been vocal against the Islamization, radicalization, immigration and others.

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Emmanuel Macron v Marine Le Pen is now on the cards for the Second Round of Presidential Election of France. Macron looks favourite but Le Pen may upset the world. The recent incidents of attacks and rise of the extremism have increased her chances. If the previous voting shares are looked in the face off then it can be noticed that the margin of the winner has been very sleek. Barring 2002, none candidate has secured more than 60% in the second round since 1965, so, the election can swing on any side.

The France Presidential Election saw many ups and downs. Francois Fillon was once at the peak, but charges, allegations, and grafts have put him out of the contention. On the other hand, the majority of the candidates who could not secure the position in the second round, have urged their voters to vote for Macron. However, right wing supporters can change the tide towards Le Pen.
In a couple of weeks, the France Politics can change the World Politics yet again.

First Round Results:
Emmanuel Macron – 23.9%
Marine Le Pen – 21.4%