Emmanuel Macron, the front-runner in the French Presidential Election alleged a massive hacking that includes Email hack, account hack, and many other documents. However, the Electoral Commission of France has taken a hard step for this and said that the spreading of such documents just before the Presidential Election may face criminal charges.

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The Electoral Commission was very strict about the announcement and said that any circulation of the documents that have been wrongfully acquired through hacking should criminal activity. Emmanuel Macron and his supporters have termed this as a major security lapse and hacking. They expect that many of things would be floated with same bogus inclusions along with the hacked documents. Even though the Electoral Commission has acted tough, but the front runner of French Presidential Election cries conspiracy behind everything.

Many experts believe that after the last debate, Emmanuel Macron has virtually taken a huge lead over Marine Le Pen. However, everything would be decided on the polling day on May 7. The last minute hacking can become a huge headache for Macron. This interestingly reflects the US Presidential trends. Hilary Clinton looked all set to become the President of United States before the hacked document and leaked email surfaced. She has recently blamed the Russian hackers and the FBI for her election defeat. She even went on to say that had the election was scheduled for October 27, when the leaked documents surfaced, she would have been the President of United States now.

Is something similar going to happen in France as well? Will Emmanuel Macron found majority or Marine will topple her? The French Presidential election will remain a concern for Europe and the rest of the courtiers.