Source: Mirror

Eltiona Skana has been sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 8 years. However, the judge said that she may never be freed considering how dangerous she is.

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In the footage released by the police, Skana can be seen admitting to having a knife in her bag. She killed a 7-year-old schoolgirl, Emily Jones in the park, unprovoked.

Skana slit her throat before fleeing the scene. However, one bystander chased her and detained her till the cops arrived.

She got arrested almost immediately.

The Paramedics were trying to revive Emily and the parents were desperately calling for help at the nearby park where she killed the little girl.

The prosecution said that she bought the knife a day before the killing.

Duncan Thorpe, Senior Investigating Officer, told Mirror,

“This was an absolutely devastating incident that has left Emily’s parents and family completely heartbroken and I know it sent shockwaves across the country as everyone mourned the loss of this innocent little girl.”

Greater Manchester Police Spokesperson released a statement after the judgment.

“Skana has been sentenced under the Mental Health Act 2003 and has been deemed a dangerous offender so will need to be medically assessed before being considered for release.

“On Sunday 22 March 2020, 7-year-old Emily Jones was riding her scooter through Queen’s Park with her father, Mark when she began scooting towards her mother, Sarah who was jogging through the park.

“On her journey, Emily was scooting past a bench that Skana was sitting on and completely unprovoked; Skana got up and grabbed Emily before attacking her with a knife and throwing her to the ground.”

Ever since the incident, Skana has remained in a secluded facility.