Electric Vehicle in India
Source: Metro Varatha

Electric Vehicle in India still lacks the required infrastructure. However, it looks like those things are going to change very soon. In order to improve the sustainable transportation, Tata Power has decided to set up at least 1000 e-vehicle charging points across the National Capital, New Delhi. Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd is a private power distributor in Delhi. The estimated investment is around 100 Crores reported The Economic Times.

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The E-Vehicle Charging infrastructure is under discussion and the Tata Power is currently looking for five years of investment. It is believed that it would be a huge boost for the electric vehicles in India. Tata Powers have already set up at least five charging points for the electrically charged vehicles. However, the plan is to grow it to a large scale so that the new mode of transportation gets thumbs up in the country.

The announcement from Tata Powers may soon start series of other announcements from different companies in other cities as well. The electric vehicles are considered the future options considering the lack of the non-renewable energy sources. This is also a viable option for the environment. In order to cut down the carbon gas emission, it is required that the Petrol and Diesel vehicles get reduced.

The Government has also started a new planning for introducing the electrically run vehicles in India. It is believed that within the coming decade, India would become one of the top most sought markets for the e-vehicles of the world. India is planning to become all electric vehicle country at the earliest by 2030.